THE City Government of Baguio in cooperation with Baguio Character Council is encouraging the public to read the Bible as part of daily routine following the launching of the Bible Week Activity themed “The Bible: Hope for the Community’s Progress.

According to Erlinda Erardo of the Baguio Character Council, President Rodrigo Duterte has proclaimed the whole month of January as the National Bible Month and should be observed nationwide.

“The people are encouraged to read the Bible and I hope everybody would join the National Bible Week,” Erardo said.

The Baguio Character Council will also distribute Bibles.

According to the council, reading the bible will help the family to be together, a sense of family belongingness and some members also will keep them away from bad vices.

“We continually distribute Bible because we believe the word of God will penetrate the people,” Erardo said.

“This is the best year, we encourage them to read the words and testify how good is God through his words. This is his love letter for us and we must read it as it has love. We hear the words of God by reading his words in the Bible,” Erardo added.

Activities for during the bible week includes a Bible Quiz at Baguio City Hall Multi-Purpose Hall held January 23 while on January 27, a Bible Week Parade will be held from Upper Session Road to Malcolm Square followed by a bible reading. There would be also a bible distribution until January 27 at Malcolm Square and Baguio City Hall.

A simultaneous bible reading was also held January 23 and 24 for Christian Unity held at Baguio First United Methodist Church and Baguio Cathedral.

The bible reading will also be held January 25 at St. Stephen Lutheran Church, on January 26 at Cathedral of the Resurrection, on January 27 at PMA Evangelical Church and on January 28 at the Malcolm Square.