ANGELES CITY -- The City Council here passed an ordinance regulating the use of videoke, karaoke and similar audio devices in certain areas within the city, including residential, public roads and spaces and other restricted zones as defined by law.

City Councilor Edgardo Pamintuan, Jr. said Ordinance No. 366, series 2015, otherwise known as "The Videoke Machines and Similar Electronic Devices Regulation Ordinance of Angeles City", was passed primarily to protect residents from discomfort and disturbances posed by the unregulated use of videoke and amplified sounds, especially during the wee hours of the morning.

The ordinance states that "it is the policy of the city government of Angeles to protect the welfare of its citizens from the excessive sound and vibration and inadequately controlled noise which are serious hazards to public health, safety and is a source of annoyance to the local populace."

Residents often complain that they cannot sleep and rest properly because of the loud noises.

“If we are to maintain peace and order in our communities, we have to seriously implement this ordinance, and we are expecting our barangay chiefs and Angeles City Police Office to help us enforce it throughout Angeles City,” Pamintuan said.

Application for use

Ordinance 336 requires users to first a secure a permit from the barangay local government at least three days before the occasion and limits the volume of the machines up to a maximum of 90 decibels and up to 10:00 pm only. The implementing agencies and authorities will be using decibel measuring devices or sound level meters to determine this.

Any sound emanating from a videoke or karaoke machine being used that can still be heard after a distance of at least 50 feet from the source is considered noisy and beyond the allowable volume.

Violators will be given first warning and will be instructed to lower the volume. Succeeding warning or reminders will result in the payment of fines, ranging from P1,000 to P5,000 pesos and/or imprisonment up to six months.

It also prohibits the public from setting up and using such devices within 200 meters of churches, religious sites, schools and hospitals.

However, special public holidays such as New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Holy Week, Fiestang Kuliat, Barangay Fiesta, and similar events sponsored and organized by the local government are granted special exemptions in the procurement of permits.

For videoke businesses

Existing businesses or establishments that are engaged in entertainment are required to provide effective soundproofing of their establishments to maintain the tolerable noise level outside their establishments.

Noncompliance will be charged of the following: a) P500 fine per day after the deadline set by the BPLD; b) seven day business suspension; c) revocation of business permit upon failure to comply with such requirements after thorough investigation.

City Ordinance No. 336 S-2015 was authored by Councilors Pamintuan and Amos Rivera and co-sponsored by Bryan Matthew Nepomuceno, Jericho Aguas, Maricel Morales and Alexander Indiongco.

It was unanimously approved by the rest of the City Council. (AC-CIO)