AMIDST threats of floods due to incessant rains in Bukidnon and Maguindanao, I scooted to Midsayap, North Cotabato to attend to my sister's wake and funeral. I have this hunch, flood waters that inundated many parts of Bukidnon will eventually cascade to Kabacan in North Cotabato and Pagalungan in Maguindanao. I am quite knowledgeable of this phenomenon having traveled this route frequently during college days when I have to study in Davao City.

In those days, it takes days of heavy rainfall before flood would rise above the level of graveled road. Almost always threatened is a Muslim community near the river bank of Pagalungan river which, through the years, is being eaten out by rampaging floods.

To avert further erosion of the soil, government constructed a four-meter canal in nearby Tungol village to divert part of the water when it floods. The canal leads to Liguasan marsh. The channel was not cemented despite the fact that the topsoil where it ran through was too thick.

When the next flood came, the banks of the diversion channel were inundated and along with it the bridge. For some time, a barge was to ferry passenger buses from one side to the other as the narrow four-meter channel has become a virtual river as wide as 30 meters to the best of my estimate.

The approaches of Tungol Bridge are now cemented but with the rampaging waters, there is no assurance that it can withstand the next flood that comes around. Presently, the victims of floods make the road sides their temporary abodes. Muslims, Christians, and Lumads have converged in safe places together and they badly needed government assistance and prayers the rains cease.

When I came back to Davao last Saturday, flood water had breached the now elevated and cemented national highway. As I write this, rains have not ebbed and most likely there will be more devastations especially in Maguindanao province.

Of General Bato

Incessant rain is brought about by weather disturbance which has become unpredictable. As I monitor the developments in flood-ravaged areas, I am reminded by the plight of Philippine National Police General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa.

Continues rain dumps water in rivers and tributaries you know what to expect. On the other hand, top cop Bato will never be able to read what is going on in the minds of his subordinates. Some characters are quick in condemning Bato and demanded for his resignation. Just like the weather, one hour of rain does not a flood make.

So let's give the General a chance and let him prove his mettle. He has done so much to break the backbone of the drug syndicate in the country, it is like playing in the hands of the surviving syndicates to kick Bato out (for the crime he has not committed).

He said with a guarantee that he will come to the bottom of the murder of the Korean businessman and promised that heads will roll. Let us watch whose heads will these be. It can only be the perpetrators of the crime or Bato's.

In the meantime, I am not buying the anti-Duterte detractors bull demanding the resignation of General Bato. The yellow army will have their fiesta participated in by remnants of drug and other crime syndicates if that happens.