ONLINE recruitment in the Philippines is expected to grow this year, following the upward trend of online hiring recorded in the second half of 2016, according to, a New-York based global online employment solution provider.

According to the monthly Monster Employment Index (MEI), the Philippines’ employment landscape enjoyed strong growth in overall hiring activity – most notably in the second half of 2016, where consistent positive annual growth in online hiring activity was recorded.

The MEI said this paints a positive picture for the months ahead.

The MEI is a gauge of online job posting activities recording the industries and occupations showing the highest and lowest growth in recruitment activity.

It noted that the Philippines had a slow start in 2016, when all industries collectively recorded a 10 percent year-on-year dip in hiring activities in January, and a 12 percent year-on-year drop a month after.


Activity, however, recovered in April when it posted a growth of four percent and continued to grow for the rest of the year.

As of December 2016, the Philippines recorded three percent annual growth in online hiring activity.

“The local Philippine economy has held up relatively well against external storms in 2016 when compared to its regional counterparts. This is attributed to the country’s sound fundamentals and other strong policies that were put in place, positioning the country as a shining spot for business opportunities and investments, and in turn greatly boosting job opportunities for locals, and the economy on the whole,” said Sanjay Modi, managing director of for Asia Pacific and Middle East.

“In 2017, the country can expect to see a lot more spikes in employment activities, particularly at the start of the year where companies are warming up their engines for the new fiscal year ahead and will see a demand for fresh talent to facilitate operations, especially in the tourism, manufacturing and BPO sector,” Modi added.

He also attributes his confidence to the government’s initiatives to create at least 1.2 million new jobs each year until 2022, which he thinks will contribute to hiring activities this year.

The report also revealed that the banking sector will retain growth while the IT sector is projected to record positive growth in online hiring this year.