TEODORO Bacani, whom President Duterte cursed in his talk with survivors of Mamasapano massacre, resigned in 2013 as first bishop of Novaliches and auxiliary bishop of Manila for alleged sexual harassment. He turned 77 last Jan. 11.

Duterte heaped on the former Catholic Church leader him a pile of curses and bad names, including: “P...ng ina!,” “unggoy” and “buang.” Why him and for what? During a recent church forum, Bacani railed against the drug-related killings, calling PNP “a bringer of death.”

The flogging brings up anew the bishop’s scandal of 14 years ago. Rosalyn, alleged victim, told her lament to a nun who raised it to the Vatican. A newsmagazine, “Newsbreak,” broke the story, which other media picked up and spread. Earlier, one Bishop Crisostomo Yalung, also quit when his sexual liaison with a young woman (with whom he had two kids) was publicized.

‘Kindergarten’ sex

Duterte said that like him, Bacani had two wives. Not true, the bishop said. Teodoro Benigno, in his column in “Philippine Star” on June 9, 2003 said Bacani’s sin was “kindergarten stuff” as Bacani merely hugged and caressed Rosalyn – “no un-bottoning of skirt, no spurt of semen on Rosalyn’s dress, unlike in the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair.”

Benigno though mentioned at least two other women linked to Bacani when he was still a priest in Paco in the 1980s: one with initials MP and the other, a former teacher.

Duterte's favorite book

The president’s favorite book about bishops and priests is clearly that by Aries C. Rufo: “Altar of “Secrets: Sex, Politics and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church” (211-page paperback, 2013). Duterte publicly mentioned it twice already. Its blurb says the book delves into the “wrongdoing of bishops and priests -- sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement -- within the church and lets them get away unpunished.”


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