THE Mandaue City Veterinary Office (CVO) administered anti-rabies vaccine to over a hundred dogs in Barangay Casuntingan, Mandaue City since Monday.

The CVO received the result of the test from Tacloban City, Leyte, confirming the presence of rabies of the dog that bit 23 persons over the weekend.

City Mayor Gabriel Luis Quisumbing said the vaccination of the cats and dogs in every house in Casuntingan was done because the rabid dog named Bruno might have bitten them.

“They’re worried that the rabid dog may have bitten other cats and dogs, which may spread the rabies,” the mayor said in a text message.

A team from the CVO led by Dr. Nestor Taasan and the barangay visited yesterday two sitios to give free anti-rabies vaccines to the animals and catch the stray dogs that they saw in the area.

Also yesterday, the victims were given another anti-rabies shot at the City Heath Office.

Barangay Captain Oscar Del Castillo said a child was brought to the barangay claiming that he was also bitten by Bruno, which was added to the 22 victims that was previously recorded.

Bruno had bitten residents in Casuntingan and in Barangay Banilad.

He was captured by a team from the barangay led by Castillo near a funeral parlor in Banilad.

The dog eventually died when he was placed in a sack.

He was beheaded and was brought to a government facility in Tacloban City, Leyte for a fluorescent antibody test to see if it has rabies.

Taasan said the result showed that Bruno was a rabid dog.

Taasan asked the residents in Casuntingan to have their pets vaccinated because when the CVO conducted an activity of free anti-rabies vaccine for the animals last Nov. 2 and 3 last year, there were still several of them that did not avail themselves of it.

Daghan pa gihapon ang wa nagpabakuna (There were still residents that did not send their pets for vaccination),” he said.

Del Castillo said they already told the victims about the result of Bruno’s test.

He asked his constituents to just voluntarily submit their dogs to the City Veterinary Office if they cannot take care their pets so they will not end up staying on the streets.

Mao nang hangyo nato sa Casuntingan ato na lang gyud ni dakpon. Di pareho sa una nga di nila ipada (We requested the people in Casuntingan that we will just catch their dogs that are seen on the streets instead of stopping us from doing so),” Del Castillo said.

Bruno became a stray dog after his owner was no longer able to take care of him due to illegal drug abuse.