A FULFILMENT of the Camp John Hay pact is seen as new leadership takes over.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan said a meeting with newly installed president and chief operating officer of the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) Allan Garcia opens the doors to possibilities inside the former US military camp.

“I am happy to note his direction is to settle issues,” Domogan said.

The chief executive said issues like segregation of the 13 barangays and the completion of the development were discussed with Garcia who committed to have open mind to issues surrounding the city and the camp.

Domogan said only a mere 24 percent of development has been implemented inside the camp with the remaining 76 percent unseen, depriving the city of added employment, tourism and income.

JHMC is the estate manager of the John Hay Special Economic Zone, a subsidiary of the Bases Conversion and Development Authority.

In 2002, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo issued Executive Order No. 132, separating John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation (JPDC) into two entities and renaming them as John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) and Poro Point Management Corporation (PPMC), respectively. JHMC is now the implementing arm of the BCDA over the JHSEZ.

The 19 conditionalties include a provision to which the BCDA shall exclude all affected barangays from the John Hay Reservation.

Domogan said a survey was done by the city which the BCDA has repeatedly refused to honor which “BCDA is questioning the technical description,” lamenting each change of leadership in the government agency has resulted to a new decision on the provisions in segregation.

The city has alleged the BCDA has ignored the agreements crafted that should govern the commercial operation of the CJH.

The 19 conditions, borne in a city council resolution also provides for a 25 percent annual share from the revenues generated in the commercial operation of the camp.

BCDA has failed to remit city shares since legal battles started with the developer, Camp John Hay Development Corporation.