ALLURING the good vibes for the Chinese New Year comes with extraordinary rituals and traditions complemented with decorations in meaningful color and style. Moreover, what gives the celebration more excitement is knowing the yearly forecast of the 12 Animal signs and their corresponding explanation of good fortune.

Marites Allen, a Feng Shui master, impressed bloggers and writers with her expertise in the field of Feng Shui last Jan. 23 at Montebello Villa Hotel, Cebu City.

The forum began with the question, how to bring in luck into the house? “First, make sure to know your house direction,” answered Allen. “The flying star chart can give us guidance to know the lucky sectors of our house for the year.”

According to Allen, the flying star is a very important guiding tool to enhance luck and to cure the bad sectors.

Color has a very immense part in Feng Shui. It expresses a character. As to how the lucky color affects the person is something to reconsider a lot. Knowing the lucky color forecast for the year, doesn’t mean it is fortunate enough for the person itself, his the reason being that each one has their own chart of luck. Allen has her trends of color enthusiasm to keep her up in the industry: blue (intelligence), red (power), green (wealth).

Allen defines the three types of luck: The first was the heavens luck, born naturally lucky, something that is God-given; mankind luck, what you do to yourself, your action and decision; earth luck—this is all about Feng Shui.

The Year of the Rooster signifies a new beginning. That is why according to Allen, it is very important to not just only rely on charms but rather do it with work and action as well. She said that it’s very good to throw away what needs to be thrown, to subdue the bad elements left from last year.

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