A MAN is facing charges before the court following his arrest two weeks ago for allegedly stealing a cellular phone.

Charged with robbery with violence against or intimidation of person is Alcid Abusama Abubakar.

In a resolution dated January 24, prosecutor Rogieliza Verallo found probable cause to charge the accused of the complaint filed by Jefferson Ballo.

Ballo stated in his complaint affidavit that he was talking to his colleague over the phone just outside his house when the accused approached and asked him whether he lives in the area.

The accused then allegedly grabbed the phone of the complainant after the latter replied to the former.

Ballo fought back but the accused allegedly grabbed his hair and slammed his head on the fence.

The respondent then ran away after he snatched the complainant's phone worth P9,995. The complainant then shouted for help while running after the accused.

Responding police officers arrested the accused through the help of the complainant's neighbors. The phone was recovered during the operation.

Verallo stated in the resolution that the arrest of the accused legal.