THE request of the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) for an increase in the fuel allocation for garbage trucks shows another side to the garbage collection issue. The way I see it, the request tells us about another cause to the continued uncollected garbage within the city.

While blame is heaped on Cebu City Hall, the ABC is now saying that the cause is the lack of fuel for the trucks. Oportunidad aron makahirit og dugang? O palusot na lang kaha ni sa ilang pagkayaya?

To recall, we suddenly saw photos of uncollected garbage in some barangays posted in Facebook at the height of the brouhaha around the Inayawan dumpsite closure. When Cebu City Hall put in place the Jomara Konstruckt solution, reports of uncollected garbage persisted.

With this request, the ABC is practically telling us another story.


Former governor Pabling Garcia needs to stand down in his tirade against the 93-1 land swap deal and just allow the present officials of Cebu City and the Province of Cebu to consummate the process. The transaction would benefit many poor folk in Cebu City. It will also culminate decades of struggle by the city’s urban poor in victory.

During his three terms as governor, I would understand that he would sit on the 93-1 initiative because it was hatched by his predecessor, former governor Tingting dela Serna. Although the swap deal was forged during Gov. Gwen Garcia’s term, today’s main players are Gov. Junjun Davide and Mayor Tomas Osmeña. Ipadaplin na lang unta ang pamulitika ba. Total, layo pa man ang sunod eleksyon.


They say raising the Mamasapano case again was designed to divert public attention from the case of the Korean who was kidnapped and killed by policemen. But with the Senate looking into the case, the public’s attention had already been hooked.

There are legitimate questions not fully unearthed about the Mamasapano case. At the height of the issue last year, I asked about the involvement of the Americans. It seemed this was swept under the rug.

Then president Noynoy Aquino denied that American soldiers were involved. Yet he admitted to US assistance in the use of equipment for gathering intelligence. He just could deny all the talks, including that white helicopter that was seen on Facebook.

But President Duterte himself is now saying that the CIA ran the Mamasapano operation. I hope the whole truth will finally be known.