SURRENDER within 24 hours or get caught dead or alive.

This was the stern warning of President Rodrigo Duterte to Superintendent Raphael Dumlao, who was supposedly involved in the kidnap-slay of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo.

In a press conference on Sunday evening, Duterte gave Dumlao a 24-hour ultimatum to submit himself to the authorities.

If he fails to do so, Duterte said he would reward a P5-million bounty to someone who could get him either "dead or alive."

"I think this Dumlao is insane... Guy, you must remember there's a P5 million [bounty]. Surrender within 24 hours, place yourself at the disposal of the police, or let's have 24 hours, that is the operative act," said Duterte.

"If you do not come out soon, I will offer, dead or alive. I will grant reward for you, Dumlao. Dead or alive, you deliver him to me dead okay. Bring him to the gate of Malacañang, either dead or alive, that's fine with me," he added.

At a Senate hearing, Senior Police Inspector (SPO3) Ricky Sta. Isabel, the principal suspect in Jee's killing, said it was not him but was Dumlao who perpetrated the abduction and murder of the Korean national. Dumlao, however, denied the allegation.

Jee was taken from his home in Pampanga last October 18, 2016 by the Philippine National Police Anti-Illegal Drugs group led by Sta. Isabel for alleged link to drugs.

It was later revealed that Jee was killed inside the Camp Crame the same day he was kidnapped.

Duterte said he remained silent for a time about Jee's slay because he was waiting for the result of the investigation he conducted, which showed that Dumlao "masterminded" the killing.

"I did not react at that time. They were saying, 'Why is Duterte keeping his mouth shut?' I was waiting for everybody to come out. Dumlao kept insisting that he was all along not connected but he was," the President said.

"The investigators are telling me that it was really him who masterminded [the abduction and killing of Jee]."

Duterte lamented why such crime had to happen within the vicinity of the police camp.

The Chief Executive said he would not hesitate to spend millions of pesos because Dumlao "put the reputation of the police in shambles."

Duterte said Dumlao should surface and refute the allegations to prove his innocence.

"Dumlao, if I were you, if you are listening to me, you better surrender or clear yourself because if you do not commit anything wrong, why did you leave Crame's custody?" he said.

Duterte earlier publicly apologized to South Korea over the killing of Jee committed by the police.

He said he would not allow the perpetrators to escape from the crime they committed and pledged to severely punish them. (SunStar Philippines)