A RESIDENT in Sitio Garaje, Barangay Busay, Cebu City, plans to give a part of her land to the City Government.

Otadoy, whose jeepneys were damaged in a landslide on January 16, told City Councilor Jerry Guardo on Monday that her family eyes to donate a portion of their land to the City, so they can also use the space to park their vehicles.

Guardo, chairman of the committee on infrastructure and urban planning, said they will still conduct a survey in the area to determine the exact size of land to be donated.

He said once the land area is determined, a resolution will be made authorizing Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña to let the Otadoys execute deed of division for the City Government.

On January 16, at least 11 jeepneys owned by Otadoy were covered with rocks and soil due to the landslide that hit Sitio Garaje.

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Last Thursday, January 26, Engineer Nilo Igot of the Department of Engineering and Public Works said a permanent retaining wall should be built beside the road in Sitio Garaje to stop soil movement. (Tovya Kaiko Galeon, USJ-R Intern/SunStar Philippines)