BAGUIO City Mayor Mauricio Domogan condemned the alleged vindictive actions being done by the leadership of the Police Regional Office (PRO) in the Cordillera allegedly facilitating the transfer of some policemen who posted positive remarks in social media in favor of SPO3 Alberto Tadeo, the city’s devoted traffic enforcer who was unceremoniously reassigned to Apayao.

The local chief executive said he received numerous complaints from policemen regarding the obviously vindictive actions of the Pro-Cor leadership in the transfer of their colleagues outside the region simply because their remarks in the social media tend to sympathize with Tadeo over his transfer arising from his reminder to subordinates to be role models in the strict implementation of traffic rules and regulations.

Tadeo’s transfer to Apayao stemmed from his flagging down the vehicle of Pro-Cor Deputy Regional Director for Administration Senior Gregorio Lim that violated the city’s number coding scheme and reminded the driver and security escort to follow traffic rules and regulations when in the city.

“We cannot blame the public if they have a negative impression of the current PNP leadership because of their obviously tainted actions in a bid to cover up their wrong decisions. We must move forward and not add insult to injury caused by a wrong decision from the start.

Transferring policemen who had been simply airing their personal views on Tadeo’s case is a sign of vindictiveness and uncalled for,” Domogan stressed.

Instead of putting an end to the brewing issue which they themselves created, he claimed PRO officials are just opening the floodgates to more issues by disgruntled uniformed and non-uniformed policemen who do not agree with most of their decisions on sensitive issues involving them.

Domogan claimed he is still validating whether or not Pro-Cor officials complied with their previous commitment to reassign Tadeo to the regional headquarters pending the investigation of his case which is reportedly breach of internal discipline for allegedly issuing unnecessary comments when he apprehended Lim’s driver and security escort for their traffic violation.

He pointed out Pro-Cor officials should not be too confident with the withdrawal of the resolution intending to declare them persona non grata in the city because the withdrawal was premised on their commitment to reassign Tadeo to the regional headquarters and their failure to do so will mean the City Council will revive and act on the resolution which will surely affect their respective promotions.

Domogan expressed disappointment over the remarks of a member of the command group that the PNP will move heaven and earth to remove the control of local chief executives over the police in their areas of jurisdiction which indicates that some regional police officials are not sincere in complying with their commitments and full control over the police to do whatever they want to do even if it will be contrary to public norms and standards. (Dexter See/PIO)