MISS Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and American talk show host Steve Harvey had a memorable experience sharing the stage during the December 2015 contest. It must have created a bond as the duo seemed like a great comedic pair yesterday morning when they shared the stage again for the Miss Universe 2016 coronation.

Wurtzbach was the first to crack a joke, thanking Harvey for making her the most popular Miss Universe ever. Right back at you, said Harvey. He said he had become the most popular Miss Universe host ever.

Harvey botched the announcement of the winner in the 2015 Miss Universe. He announced Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner even when the crown belonged to the Philippines’ Wurtzbach.

Wurtzbach made sure this wouldn’t happen again. Just as Harvey was about to read the winner of the contest, Wurtzbach handed him a pair of glasses.

Miss France Iris Mittenaere was crowned the winner.

Throughout the night, Harvey was seemingly teased about his 2015 flub since for two announcements—top 13 and top six—Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines were announced one after the other.

But making a mistake and getting back up was the trend of the night. It was essentially the final question that made Mittenaere win.

“It’s been a long year getting here. I learned the price. When you make a mistake, you just got to keep it moving. Just keep moving forward,” said Harvey.

He also joked that he had eye surgery.

Harvey also shared a moment with Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar. During the announcement of the top 13, Harvey called Tovar as the seventh semi-finalist. When they were side by side, Harvey asked Tovar how Colombia felt about him. “The truth?” Tovar asked. “No. Not really,” Harvey said. But Tovar gave him a hug anyway.

Medina, as advised, used an interpreter during the top six question-and-answer segment. The interpreter simply translated the question in Tagalog. Without wavering, Medina answered the question in English but failed to hit the mark.

But she wasn’t the only one.

Miss Kenya Mary Were was asked about growing concerns over the administration of President Donald Trump. Were said despite controversy, Trump was able to unite the country—ironic because Trump has been president for less than two weeks but already a number of protests have been staged all over the US.

But then again, USA is not her country. Netizens pointed out the unfairness of the question on social media.

Miss Universe was the number one trending topic worldwide yesterday morning. Other top trending topics were Haiti, Colombia and Raissa. Raissa is Miss Brazil Raissa Santana, a fan favorite. While she made it to the top 13, she failed to advance after that.

Miss France was only the eighth trending topic despite Mittenaere’s win.

The pageant also took time to show off the Philippines. Medina shared some balut (duck embryo) with some grossed-out contestants, while Wurtzbach took model Ashley Graham to Bohol to see the Chocolate Hills and meet a tarsier.

Flo Rida opened the show while Boyz II Men serenaded the top three women.

For the duration of the pageant, the contestants emphasized that Miss Universe is not just a beauty pageant.

Some pageant contestants discussed the double standard in society and how a lot of women are judged based on the color of their skin or their size.

Miss Canada Siera Bearchell is curvier than the average Miss Universe contestant. But she told Graham that she is confident, despite a lot of body-shaming, because she loves herself. Bearchell made it as far as the top nine.

Graham, of course, is familiar with body shaming. Graham, a plus-size model, is changing the world of modelling.

Miss Myanmar Htet Htet Htun won Best in National Costume. She told Harvey that her costume weighed 40 kilograms and it depicts an important cultural activity in her home country: puppetry.

Wurtzbach looked like Cinderella during her final walk with her blue ball gown.

Wurtzbach also announced she has signed with IMG models. So her reign as Miss Universe may be over but she still has a lot of strutting to do.