AMBASSADOR Francisco Benedicto, in partnership with the San Diego Dance Company, will present a cultural show dubbed Bahandi depicting Filipino music and dances of Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, at Benedicto College’s Artist Hall.

The Ambassador hopes to give tourists a preview of Cebu’s heritage and culture. The decades of the diplomatic milestones of Ambassador Benedicto strengthened cross–cultural ties with Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Canada, Beijing, India, among others. He would like to bring the best of our culture as part of the tourism thrusts of Benedicto College, in cooperation with the tourism and travel stakeholders. He plans to make this tourism theater event regular as a welcome treat for tourists.

Chairman Emeritus Tony Veloso celebrated his birthday with We Care colleagues at the new White Gold House.

The Spring Festival, Chinese New Year, hosted by the People’s Republic of China Consul General Shi Yong, gathered Cebu’s Chinese–Filipino community at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Ballroom.

Radisson Blu Cebu, Marco Polo, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino and Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino held colorful festivities as well.