MAXINE Medina of the Philippines was asked in yesterday’s Miss Universe pageant held at the Mall of Asia Arena: “What is the most significant change you have seen in the world in the last 10 years?”

Maxine’s world view was apparently limited to the Miss U contest. She answered: “The last 10 years of being here in the world is that I saw all the people being in one event, like this in Miss Universe, and it’s something big to us that we are one, as one nation, we are all together.”

What she could've said

What did you expect? For Maxine to say something like this? “I have seen the technology of connection, the rising global temperatures, the increase in the sharing of wealth and emerging markets, and a more complex and multi-polar world.”

She could’ve talked about how people are now connected to one another, through social media and cell phones, and yet lack warmth in personal contact are self-absorbed, as shown in passion for the self-shot and Googline oneself.

But then Pia Wurtzbach’s answer to the question of reopening U.S. bases here showed less than a firm grasp of facts and issue. And yet the Filipina won last year’s crown.

‘Willfully’ accepted

Capitol may have announced too soon Cebu Gov. Junjun Davide’s appointment as chairman of Regional Peace & Order Council for Central Visayas. No appointment yet as of last Friday, only an oral offer.

Anything else worse?

How else could President Duterte insult the Catholic Church and its bishops and priests?

He already told them “You are full of shit, you smell bad, corruption and all.” He accused th church of collecting millions of pesos every day and not accounting for the proceeds – and not helping prevent drug abuse and rehabilitate drug addicts.

Guilty as charged? Maybe, but what else could he say worse than what he said on Dec. 29, 2016? When he lumped poop (in Cebuano-Bisaya) and “body of Christ” in the same sentence.


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