THE senior vice president for finance of a cement company was found dead in his condominium unit in Barangay Apas, Cebu City yesterday morning.

Yamamoto Yasuhiro, 50, was discovered by his helper Catherine Guardario at 8:20 a.m.

"She found him hanging from the handle of a high cabinet with a belt wrapped around his neck," SPO2 Ruth Bongo-Violango of the Homicide Section said.

Three pages of a suicide note written in Japanese was found in his room, where he had been staying for three years.

TV Asahi, a Japanese television network, translated the suicide letter.

It read, "Dear Yuriko, I'm very sorry. I'm tired. I cannot do (this) anymore. I'm really sorry. I worry about (when) I leave, Yuriko is gonna be lonely. Thank you for good and happy days. Take care, good bye. -Yasuhiro."

"Please call to Takao Yamamoto (his brother), there are four or five books under the TV in the bedroom of my house in Yokohama. You will find a brown envelope. There are some money. Please use it," he wrote.

Violango said they ruled out foul play as there were no missing and disarrayed things in Yasuhiro's room.

"His workers said nothing negative about him. They cannot say that he had a problem and that they didn't expect what happened," she said.