“TONGUE-lashing’’ is the forte of President Digong. He did it to United Nations and President Obama. His “slip of the tongue” (not slip of the mind) even hit the Pope. His litany of “PI” bombarded the politicians and policemen engaging in illegal drug trade.

That could be President Digong’s “basic instinct.” His words can kill. His mind can kill. There could be a time that the Punisher would not want killing to happen especially if the killing is done by the enemy of the state to soldiers and policemen. He resurrected the Mamasapano incident wherein 44 SAF troopers were fed to the “lion’s den.”

PNoy does not want that his name will be involved in this believing that several investigating teams have never involved him as a direct participant. There are questions that are left unanswered but this is due process. Due process can go on forever without a due date. Killing is faster. PNoy has answered point per point the questions asked by President Digong.

The answers may not have satisfied the Punisher. Could this engagement between the Punisher and PNoy politically motivated? The entanglement between them could be compared to poker. To stay in the game a player must either equal or raise the bets made by other players. These bets constitute the pots which is won by the possessor of the highest card combination shown. Bluffing plays are important part of the game.

This involves bluffing. President Digong and PNoy do not admit that there is political color on this. We have just to read the writings on the wall. The Punisher wants to eradicate illegal drugs and corruption. He got a firm stand on this. As the sub-plots progress in this “tokhang drama,” policemen have been involved in killing and kidnapping. Some of the President’s men have been involved in extortion. The Catholic Church is very much against killing and distribution of condoms to kids.

The Duterte administration is already showing some holes. To cover the holes, the Punisher and his men need a chopping board. Vice President Robredo and PNoy could be good ingredients for chopping. The Mamasapano incident could be a good seasoning for the political menu. De Lima has been fired already. Watch for the incoming ingredients needed by the chef.

The Catholic bishops are in the frying pan again of the Punisher. President Digong challenges them, “Let’s resign together.” (President Digong did not say, “Let’s go to hell together.”) The Punisher reacted to the strong opposition of the church concerning legal and illegal killing, and the distribution of condoms in different flavors to high school and college students.

The bomb for the bishops was “to whom it may concern,” but Bishop Bacani was given a special mention for having two wives (just like Duterte). He even repeated that some bishops asked for cars from the government during the Arroyo administration. He even encouraged the public to read the book of Aries Rufo, “Altar of Secrets”.

The book contains corruption, sexual abuse, and other controversies in the Catholic Church. The Punisher could be right here because it is a common knowledge in the parishes that some priests have women who come to their convent rooms freely. Some priests and bishops have alignment with the politicians. Some knights of the altar have been victimized by gay priests.

The duel of tongues between the Punisher and the Catholic bishops could be an eye opener. No one is perfect. Everyone is a sinner. This could be the proper time that we have to stop finding fault in other people. We have to do introspection, know our faults, repent and come out as new persons. The president, the bishops and all of us need moral and spiritual rehabilitation.

Let us sail with God in making our country strong. Courage makes us a fighter. Dreams take us higher. Patience leads us longer. Failure makes us stronger. Faith makes us live forever. Love makes us together.