THERE is a tendency for a man to become consumed with his own beliefs and habits, making it difficult to accept other ways of doing things. Close mindedness never constructs anyone, especially when there is so much to learn about other cultures. One can show respect by educating oneself about the culture’s existence, opening one's mind to its ideals and taking part in activities that educate about what a culture considers offensive, etc.

There was this new guy from the south who’s been assigned in the region to assist in operating a new station for broadcast. Now this clown thought he knows everything that he doesn’t even knock before coming in. As soon as he holds the “mic” he exposes his dirty cleavage like that of an escote. Right away, he would attack at anything and anyone for no particular reason, boasting his style way back in the archipelagic province of the country, a style that stinks all the way to his plunging neckline typifying escote.

The ignoramus is a loose cannon and a disgrace in broadcasting. He’s probably the reason why the original “key” people who used to run the programs left their positions. The pioneers could not stand this excelente that they decided to leave before la pa ‘mapile.’ Many kabalens cry out and could not work well with the stooge because instead of uniting the staff, the buffoon is even promoting diversity.

The 2007 Broadcast Code of the Philippines of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas under Section 9 on sensationalism states that presentation of news and commentaries must be in good taste. It is also clear on Section 9.b. that morbid, violent, sensational or alarming details not essential to a factual report are prohibited.

Not only does he sensationalize on the air but he’s fond of creating intrigue and controversy by broadcasting unconfirmed reports which is a no-no in ethics code particularly written in section 5.a that says unconfirmed reports shall not be aired unless there is an immediate and urgent need for the public to know about them. More so, section 5.b adds that if an unconfirmed report is found to be false, an announcement saying so must be made. He must have zero knowledge about proper broadcasting – kamote.

Fortunately, only a few listen to his program by accident, not even a fan base to form a brigade.