THE curious case of an overpass was discussed in the last Council session with a resolve to right what was wrong and make the agency responsible answer.

City legal officer Melchor Rabanes with City Engineering Office representative Edgar Olpindo faced aldermen in Monday’s regular session when funding for rehabilitation of the demolished overpass along Yandoc – Labsan Street to Camp Allen (the overpass connecting city hall to the BCPO area) was discussed.

Council members were raising concerns on the inefficiency of the government line agencies to oversee projects citing the wasted resources for the overpass which had a budget of P5 million from then Congressman Bernardo Vergara’s fund, only to be demolished after trucks rammed into it, with its height too low for standards.

A rehabilitation of the infrastructure project is now being sought from the city worth P3.9 Million.

Olpindo said the previous project was led by the City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) which measured 4.27 meters conforming to measurements set by the Department of Public Works and Highways as a standard for all overpass years ago.

Olpindo told SunStar Baguio the measurements conformed to standards but when the DPWH asphalted the road, the road rose 2 meters higher to make the overpass a hazard for trucks.

Olpindo added the DPWH did not coordinate with the CBAO, the engineering office nor the city.

Vice - Mayor Edison Bilog said the right agency should answer to the mishap which has caused the city time, money and resources, to which Rabanes said possible cases may be filed.

Olpindo said the standard measurement now set by the DPWH is at 5.20 meters for overpasses to which the engineering office will comply with as they take the lead in the rehabilitation of the demolished overpass.