GOD shows us many ways in which He appears to us and in the same time you wonder who He is.

Take, for instance, the Holy Trinity. Are there three Gods, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? A theology professor tried to explain this. He was holding three burning torches. When he put them together it produced one flame. So, there is only one God. But then, how can He be the Father of God and how can He have a mother and how can He have a son? A Trinitarian God, how do you have to understand that? The Greek theologians used the word "theo tokos." That means: the God bearer. Mary is the bearer of God.

We Christians believe in one God, we are monotheist. But the indigenous people are polytheists. They believe in many Gods. They see that God is present in nature and in the whole of creation.

On the other hand, there are people who ask, how can God have a father and a mother and a son? They are what you call agnostics. They say, I don’t know whether God exists or not.

Then there are people who say, "I don’t believe in a God. You cannot prove that there is a God." They are atheists.

Indeed, you cannot prove that there is a God. You have to believe it.

The Carmelites have a so-called open space in their Rule. That is the space where they sit down and reflect on the fact that God exists. Then you become aware that God exists. He is present in your deepest self and He is present all around you. That is very clear, but again, you have to believe it. That is what faith is all about - believe that there is one God and He is present all over the place.

The theme of my column in Sun Star is The Living Spirit. I really believe in that Spirit. That is the Spirit of God and God is in control of everything. That is my strong belief and you have to live up also to that belief. God is a God of Mercy. You have to be merciful and compassionate towards your neighbors. If not, then your belief is not sincere and true.

God is a Mystery and He answers all the questions you have, even despite the difficulties and problems you experience in life. Offer them to God and He will give you the strength to bear all those problems and difficulties.

Even Mahatma Gandhi, a Buddhist, has said, "Even animals are living beings created by God. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

God is a Mystery and He answers all our questions.

Let us have faith in Him and respect all His creatures, even animals.

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