THE year of the Rooster began with the new moon last January 28, but it's solar start begins today, February 3, 2017.

The list below is just a general guide. Aside from the year, one has to take into consideration the month, the day and the hour for an accurate destiny chart. Schedule a Bazi reading with Chiara and Aa.

They trained under world famous Feng Shui Grandmaster Raymond Lo.

This year promises to be a very fortunate year for the Dragon, the Snake and the Ox. It is a better year than last year for the Monkey, the Tiger and the Pig.

We would like to remind the Rabbit, the Rooster and everyone born in the Rabbit Month (March 5 to April 3) and the Rooster Month (September 7 to October 7) to carry with them the protection to minimize the effects of the Rooster Year.

Rabbits are in clash with the Rooster Year, and Roosters are in penalty with the Rooster Year, so these 2 signs are more prone to accidents and illnesses and frustrations. See us to have a smoother year.

Goats have a relatively unstable year, so they need to do more acts of charity, do tithing, avoid visiting the sick in hospitals or attending wakes and funerals.

Dogs need to exert effort to be more positive and focus on the goal, not on the potholes.

Everyone must be aware of where the Flying Stars transfer to this year, so they can subdue or exhaust the negative ones. The Rooster Year can bring with it fire disasters, bullets, injuries to the back and small bones, so take the necessary precautions and install the cures.

Chiara says take particular care of your heart and lungs. There will be more incidences of heart attacks and strokes. Aa reminds everyone to be more aware of what they are doing because there will be an influx of squished fingers and stubbed toes this year.

All signs born in years ending in 6 and 7 (1956, 57, 1966, 67 and etc) will have a smoother year.

Here is this year's general fortune for the animal signs.

RAT - fortunate year for rats, chance for romance and meeting possible partner. There could be gossip and scandal, possible betrayal from untrustworthy people. Take extra care when traveling, doing sporty activities, particularly in June.

OX- lucky year for the Ox, be moderate. Beware of accidents. Exercise discipline and restraint, don't be impulsive or boastful.

TIGER- very good year, promotion and increase in income. Don't speculate, take care of health particularly in May. Watch your diet. Careful in driving, dealing with substances that can cause fires.

RABBIT - clash with the year, avoid extreme sports, taking risks. Watch out for health, take care when traveling and handling equipment.

Be extra careful in March, April and September. Be humbler and more patient to avoid quarrels and disagreements.

DRAGON - smoother relationships this year, take care of health, watch your diet particularly in March, April and October. Be tactful to avoid quarrels.

SNAKE - fortunate year, successful career, promotion, recognition. Take precaution against fires, watch out for health don't take unnecessary risks. Possible legal problems, so grid against this. Be tactful, particularly in August. Watch your diet.

HORSE- Romantic year for the horse. Females have a more favorable year, males are warned against indiscretion and possible sex scandal. Take note of where the annual and monthly flying stars of misfortune, argument and legal trouble fly to. Possible fire hazards in June. Take care of your heart's health. In December be more cautious against possible injury and accidents.

GOAT - do more acts of charity, be more helpful and humble to be more lucky. Watch out for the health of family members. Focus on the positive to attract positive experiences. Be patient and flexible.

MONKEY - successful year with chance to get married. Refrain from excessive behavior like too much drinking to avoid conflicts and loss.

Be careful when traveling. Have patience when plans are delayed.

ROOSTER-be careful, accidents are possible particularly in March and September. Be tactful to avoid offending people which could lead to possible damage to business. Avoid arguments to become more successful.

DOG - pay attention to health, avoid unnecessary risks. Be open minded and flexible. Focus on the positive. Find relaxing activities particularly when you are stressed.

PIG - better than last year. Travel is on the horizon. Exercise discipline and diligence to be more successful. Follow traffic rules when driving. Don't give ultimatums in the heat of temper. Watch your diet. Be more cautious in September.

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