AFTER 16 years of freedom, a former convict is back in jail after he gunned down his neighbor who allegedly mocked his wife who has cleft lip and palate in Barangay Jagbuaya, Tuburan last Tuesday.

The police identified the suspect as Antonio Mari Aves, who was released from New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa in 1989 after serving an eight-year sentence for homicide.

The 56-year-old suspect used an improvised shotgun in shooting Edgar Lopez Tabis, 55.

Investigator SPO2 Aldin Abay-abay, in a phone interview, said the victim suffered a gunshot wound in the body.

The victim died on the spot. He was the son of the owner of the farm where Aves worked as farmer.

Aves and Tabis had a long-standing dispute over the boundary of their lots.

Last Monday, the victim allegedly demanded Aves to uproot their crops in his lot.

Aves did not heed him and Tabis’s family uprooted the plants.

The two had an argument again last Tuesday, before the shooting happened at 6 a.m.

Tabis was reportedly disrespectful to Aves and the physical condition of the suspect’s wife. He went home after the argument ended.

Irked, Aves grabbed his shotgun. He followed Tabis and shot him.

The police officers who responded to the crime scene recovered an empty shell.

Aves later surrendered to the police and gave the shotgun.

In Barangay Cambang-ug, Toledo City, Primitivo Resurreccion, 47, was shot to death by an unidentified gunman last Monday night.

His body was discovered by his relatives last Tuesday morning. The victim suffered a gunshot wound in the head. Police are still investigating the motive behind the crime.