A MAN was charged with murder after killing his neighbor in a drunken rage Sunday, January 29, in Barangay Dacudao, Calinan District, Davao City.

The suspect was identified as Jaymark Alvin del Cerna Villaganes, a resident from Purok 7 in Barangay Dacudao.

Villaganes is temporarily detained at the Calinan police station on accusation of killing his neighbor Jessie Edo Ugpay.

In a resolution dated February 1, prosecutor Grace Lydda Lariego found probable cause to charge the accused based on the affidavit complaint filed by Joy Edu Ugpay, sister of the victim.

Eyewitness account showed the accused, along with his three friends named Allan, Jimboy, and Payat, were drinking liquor outside the house of one Diosel Villaganes at Purok 7 last January 26 when Jimboy's father, Pamboy, arrived with a piece of wood in hand to fetch his son.

But before Pamboy arrived at the house where his son was, Jessie, who lives nearby, approached and confronted Pamboy.

Jessie went back to his house and returned with a samurai (the term people in Davao used to refer a bolo knife), but he was already pulling it halfway off its scabbard when Diosel tried to pacify Jessie as the man was also intoxicated.

Jessie surrendered his samurai to Diosel before walking home.

Jaymark and Jimboy, however, followed him and engaged into a fight, Jaymark stabbing the victim with a knife 16 times.

Lucino Ongon Villaganes, father of the accused, attested that his son and Jimboy arrived home and his son told him he killed Jessie. Jaymark told his father that he wanted to surrender.

Lucino accompanied his son and Jimboy to the Calinan police station.

“With the number of wounds the victim had, it is inevitable to conclude that the killing was qualified by treachery and cruelty. It does not take much time interval to ponder on one's action to indicate treachery and cruelty,” Lariego said.

The prosecutor said the number of knife thrusts did not only show passion but one driven to ensure death, such required a modicum of planning.

Lariego added there is no evidence to implicate Jimboy in the killing of the victim.