SOME of the traffic enforcers in Mandaue City will be in plain clothes during their working hours to apprehend violators who only follow traffic rules if they see uniformed personnel.

These traffic enforcers will either be riding public vehicles or standing on the road, said Mandaue City Mayor Gabriel Luis Quisumbing.

This new strategy of the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue (Team) started last Wednesday.

The mayor decided to do this after people have been telling him that pedestrians and drivers only follow road signs whenever there are Team uniformed members on the streets.

“We’ve decided we will put Team enforcers in plain clothes nga adto sila mosakay sa mga (that will ride in) public vehicles or they will just be on the roads, but they will be carrying their IDs. And, anytime, if they see violations or if they see public or private vehicles committing violations, they can put on their ID and issue citation (tickets),” Quisumbing said.

On the first day, there were a few that were apprehended because only two traffic enforcers were initially assigned.

Quisumbing said they will expand this program next month and will deploy 25 Team personnel in plain clothes at any time and place.

“They are not assigned to a specific area. What I told them was, for the time being, do not go to the same area two days in a row,” he said.