I RECEIVED a message on November 23, 2016 from my New York-based cousin, Terry, in the Garcia girls' Viber group called "The Tribe":

Ate Terry: "Hey cousins, are you all going to be in Davao on Dec 28? Planning to invite cousins without hubbies."

Ate Susan: "Sana we can plan an overnight, just girl cousins."

Ate Sonia: "Eden??"

Ate Terry: "What do you mean Eden?"

Ate Sonia: "Overnight get together??"

Ate Terry: "Ha ha ha, no Son, am getting married in church. Tayo-tayo lang, very small."

Everyone's heart skipped a beat when she announced this delightful news, had we all been physically together, we would have jumped up and down like high school girls! After all, our ate Terry, was finally going to get married! Hip hip hooray!!!

Unforgettable and understated, that was certainly what my cousin’s wedding was! And not just for the couple and their guests, but also for the officiating priest, Fr. Samson SJ, who could not help but join in the laughter of everyone in church when he had to recite the wedding vows himself for the bride and groom to repeat, because alas, both had forgotten to bring their reading glasses!

But it was most unforgettable, of course, for my cousin Terry Montemayor, who at sixty and single until then, had finally married Chris Quemere, the man of her dreams last December 28 at the Marco Polo Hotel. It was a very warm and intimate wedding ceremony and reception attended by family and close friends. Terry was one of the two last remaining bachelorettes of 2nd generation Garcia Clan of Davao City. Daughter of Pat Monteverde Garcia and the late lawyer Alberto Montemayor of Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Terry met Chris through a friend who sent her a message on Facebook, asking whether she would like to meet Chris, a widower, who also lived in New York. She hesitated since she was on her way back to the Philippines for good after living there for more than 30 years. She decided to go on that first date anyway and the rest is history. That was 5 years ago.

Terry jokingly said, "There is hope for everyone out there. There is no time limit to marriage at all so one should never lose hope. Someday, your prince might just come. Mine did."

"One other funny, unforgettable thing was my five-year old grand niece, Yana, coming up to me while I was still inside the wedding car asking if I was going to have children. She was so disappointed when I said no”.

But for now, it's all fun and laughter and happily ever after! Congratulations, Chris and ate Terry! May you always be blessed with joy, good health and more grand nieces and nephews to enjoy!

P.S. (Who says fairytales are only for children???) (Jackie G. Dizon)