THE raid by security forces on Monday, January 30 at a dormitory inside the 1,000-hectare Mindanao State University (MSU) campus in Marawi City was not coordinated with school officials, a university professor said.

Professor George Gunay, the acting director of the MSU Office of Information, Press, and Publication, said the raid at Dimalna village was “purely a police and military matter and was never coordinated with the University Management.”

Gunay explained that while the university is a non-militarized institution, it can allow police and military operations within its premises especially if it concerns national security.

“The presence of the military and police has also always been part of the University’s efforts to maintain security and did not go against MSU’s charter. Also, we understand the urgency of the operation which had to be conducted in secrecy amongst the AFP and PNP only,” Gunay said.

In addition, the statement said that Dimalna 2, the area where the raid happened, is one of the seven villages inside the 1000-hectare campus that are autonomous of the University’s administration.

These villages are under the direct control and supervision of their respective village officials and not of the University, he said.

“However, the University is giving its efforts as of the moment to cater the needs and security of the students and people involved and inconvenienced by the raid. After all, it is the paramount concern of the University leadership to uphold the security of all MSU constituents in the campus,” Gunay said.

Gunay said the university’s Civil Security Personnel is conducting 24-hour patrols in the campus in close coordination with the Philippine National Police.