PORAC -- The Municipal Government of Porac is set to create a task force that will monitor the traffic situation along the Porac-Angeles road in barangays Santa Cruz and Manibaug Paralaya after the ongoing road construction of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) doubled the volume of vehicles with some “unruly quarry trucks” causing heavy traffic in the area.

Porac Mayor Condralito Dela Cruz and Vice Mayor Dexter David met with officers of the two barangays, as well as quarry operators, truckers, jeepney operators, local police and civil society representatives at the municipal hall the other day.

This came as the current truck ban that prevents the entry of quarry trucks along the on-going road construction has proven to be ineffective.

Last Tuesday, a two-hour long traffic snarl occurred in the area after traffic enforcers from the said barangays pulled out after failing to control the entry of trucks in the area. The DPWH is currently implementing a reconstruction of damaged parts of the road along Barangay Manibaug Paralaya.

David said that they will soon be implementing a new one way scheme. Under the new scheme, all quarry trucks will be banned from entering Porac quarry sites from Angeles City. This means that all quarry trucks will have to enter Porac through the Santa. Rita-Porac Road. Quarry trucks, however, may exit through the ongoing construction along with other vehicles going to Angeles City.

"We will also be implementing a new set of penalties so that we could be ensured that everybody will comply," David said.

Dela Cruz said that he will issue the executive order for the creation of the task force that will forcefully implement the new scheme. He added that he is also appealing to every commuter and motorist using the Porac-Angeles Road to be more patient with the ongoing situation.

"We appeal to everyone to be more understanding of the situation and to follow the rules set by the new scheme," Dela Cruz said.

The new task force and traffic scheme is expected to take effect this Friday.