AIR rifle shooting competition is expected to become livelier soon, thanks to the support that the Philippine Sports Commission is extending to the association that is thriving to survive despite the lack of exposure and support.

PSC Commissioner Ramon Fernandez met the men behind the Cebu Air Rifle Association (Cara) led by Boy Alcoseba to discuss important matters needed to get support for the government body.

"PSC is absolute in our dealings with the NSAs. We will fund their elite athletes and we will take charge of the grassroots through PSI. We will be giving funds to sports association who are helping the growth of sports. It might be in existence for a long time or a new one, as long as they are helping sports and as long as their papers are in order and they will abide by our rules, we will extend them with whatever support they needed, especially on financial sides,” Fernandez told SunStar Cebu.

Air Rifle Shooting was at its peak in the mid-80s with Cara holding competitions as often as as basketball tournaments.

The sport may have declined as the years go by but Cara refuses to die and continues to hold tournaments. The last one was last month – the Pre-Sinulog BR Funshoot.

The Cebu City Sports Commission is also having its own Air Rifle Shooting program with the Spanish coach Miguel Tajuelo who has continued teaching the game to the Cebuano kids, especially the less fortunate ones at the Cebu City Sports Institute.

Aside from the Air Rifle aficionados, Fernandez and his Executive Assistant Boobi Kintanar were also talking of some ways how to give support to the archery group lead by Chokoy Velasquez, who also seeks recognition from the PSC.

Air Rifle Shooting and archery are among sports that PSC is giving top priority since it is one of events that Filipinos has the chance to make to the Olympics.