THE 11 police officers of Mandaue City who are being investigated for administrative charges are still performing their duties.

Police Chief Insp. Mercy Villaro, spokesperson of the Mandaue City Police Office (MCPO), said the officers were administratively charged for drugs use, failure to submit their statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) requirements, misbehavior, or for soliciting from politicians.

The investigation is part of MCPO’s “internal cleansing.”

Bisag naay scheduled hearing padayon ilang normal nga trabaho (Although there are scheduled hearings for them, they are still allowed to perform their duties as police officers),” Villaro said.

However, she said, they are no longer assigned in a specific office and operation. They are stationed at the gate or assigned in beat patrol.

Villaro said a pre-charge evaluation is being conducted against the MCPO personnel by members of the Investigation and Detective Management Branch and non-commissioned officers who are trained on summary hearings.

Katong nag-conduct og random drug test ang PNP crime lab, naay upat ato nag positive (When the PNP Crime Laboratory 7 personnel did random drug tests in MCPO, four tested positive),” she said.

Another four police officers failed to submit their SALN to the Police Regional Office 7.

Two were found out asking solicitations from politicians while one allegedly punched a truck driver during a traffic altercation on A.C. Cortes Ave. in Mandaue City last year.

MCPO’s efforts of disciplining anomalous police officers followed President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to stop police’s intensive campaign against illegal drugs and focus instead on cleaning the PNP.