HE MIGHT have been into almost all sorts of jobs ranging from being a legal researcher, public official, writer, college instructor, and radio commentator, among others, but what he considers as his best achievement in life are not those that are easily perceptible to the naked eye.

Just do “what you love,” this is what Ruell Torrentera Garcia, 41, a resident of Compostela, Compostela Valley, shared in an interview as he said one must act on his or her passion in life while making a living for their loved ones.

For him, living up to what he loved to do the most without compromising the comfort, happiness and contentment of his family is but a best achievement.

Garcia debunks the notion that success is determined by one’s economic status, that is, the size of the bank account, the brand new car that one drives, the type of house one owns, and the many places one has travelled.

He had hit 20 work experiences as reflected on his resume. His works include being a researcher for the Garcia and Estores Law Offices in Davao City once. He had also been into public service after he had been seated as a chairperson of the Youth Council in Compostela Valley and a Municipal Council member from 1996 to 2002.

After an impressive series of jobs he had undertaken, now he has to wrestle his time by being a real estate seller, manager of the Garcia Legal and Business Consultancy Firm (The Firm), a farmer, a director for the ACT Now Foundation Philippines Inc., a non-stock and non-profit organization that focuses in advancing dental health, developing values and sports talents of the youth, and a member of the Speakers Bureau all at once.

But amid all those, Garcia also revealed his passion for writing.

Just recently, an article he had written and posted in Facebook about the legend of Maria Cacao had gone viral. He has a knack on words too as he also maintained a blog depicting his political views and other developmental topics.

Garcia shared though that he had never thought that his path would bend 360 degrees as he had never anticipate all of the things he had achieved now from when he was little.

“When I was a child, I dreamt to become good lawyer who will represent the poor and marginalized. I did enroll in the law school and studied up to 2nd year. However, an equal important circumstance has pushed me to choose [a different path]. I decided to stop law school but still continue to find means and ways to serve the poor and the marginalized in various ways I can,” Garcia said.

Despite all the pool of achievements that Garcia has accomplished, he is not afraid to share that like most people, he had also been through a lot of things.

Garcia said that he was once fired out from a work position, this, according to him, was what he considered as the greatest challenge he had encountered.

“I was fired out from a work position I like the most for the reason of lack of capacity, implying that I was not fit for the tasks and functions demanded by the office,” Garcia shared.

Garcia admitted that the experience had really put him down but he said that he had never complained about it and just moved on.

“[As they said], moving on is letting go [of] the things that slow us down. So, I had taken that experience as an ultimate challenge,” Garcia said.

“Kung matumba ta, bangon pero ayaw una padayon ug lakaw, pamapha daan una ka mopadayon ug lakaw (If you stumble, get up, but do not start walking yet, brush off the dirt first then continue walking),” Garcia said, emphasizing that as one must rise from the ashes after each fall.

If there is one thing that a person must never forget, Garcia said it is to remain good in one’s efforts to be the best among the rest.