SPREADING the gifts of daring deeds, wise words and successful service to his Cabalens (city mates), Mayor Ed Pamintuan lights up the beacon of empowerment.

Moving his countrymen/women to attain the summum bonum (highest good) way of living, he is a profile of compassion, commitment and candor.

Importantly, he steers the thriving business cycle in the city.

Charismatic leader Mayor Ed underscores these insights:

“We are heartened by the support from the dynamic men and women of Angeles City. Envisioning it to become the best city, we stand tall on the peak of unparalleled growth.

Crisscrossing our city gate are the bustling industries, trading enclaves and business core centers. Influx of tourists is projected to be heightened because tourism heritage sites dot our landscape.

We foresee our urban core intensifying its trade and commerce activities. Playing a major role in the development of the Clark International Airport we fly with its zooming economic progress.

Thus, incentives will filter benefits to every barangay, purok and family home. May the Lord always bless us as we open the gateway of our city.”

Kudos to Mayor Ed Pamintuan and his persevering team and council of leaders. We also salute the benevolent denizens for lighting up the lamp of sustainability.


You and I are one. Lauding outstanding cities which are the hub of the best places to live in the world, thereon, we salute cities which upscale their financing and consumer services, concomitantly; they advocate the cause of peace.

We are the good citizens in our Philippines, we have the power to be the future beacon in Asia.

Proud to be a Filipina.....Kapampangan... son/daughter of the City of Angeles.

You and I are blessed with leaders of vision.


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