ALMOST everywhere, in this time of modern world, you can see different brands of gadget, from mobile phones, portable speakers, laptops, flat screen TV and many more. We sometimes tend to buy the gadgets we don’t really need. I was a victim of that kind of habit, due to many offers and freebies. But I learned a lot from my mistake, I see to it every time I buy gadget, I think almost one-million times if I really need it, not just because I want it.

I have with me a Samsung galaxy note 5. In my own opinion, the reason that I love it, because it’s a good help with my work as a marketing person in an insurance company. Easy access through email, workable stylus for proposals, and easy to crop pictures and lines through social media. It’s also a good buddy as a writer to take pictures every topic I could think, due to its excellent camera. But suddenly it’s already not offered this time.

I have explored the popular stores in our city to see some of the new release gadgets last year up to this present year. I was surprise by the new offered technology in our favorite gadgets and appliances with more enhanced “techie” features.

1. Smart Watch

This gadget is actually a watch as its main function, but it features also as a smart phone. Its tiny size is suitable for the person that is always on field. You can read your messages with this smart watch and it will ring or vibrate when somebody is calling your mobile phone. But you need to connect it via Bluetooth. You can also explore your music with this device. Some of the leading brand offered with a leather or replaceable straps for you to pair with your outfit.

2. Portable Bluetooth speakers

Good thing about this gadget, you can always bring with you everywhere. It’s not bulky or heavy to carry and has good sound quality. When I explored all the technology stores, I found this popular brand that aside from the speaker, you can use it as a power bank and it’s actually water proof. You can submerged it with you’re at the pool while listening favorite music.

3. Laptop

Don’t get me wrong this gadget had been outlasted due to the entry of the tablets. But this device is still our reliable work companion. There are two highlights of this gadget that I was amaze. The first laptop brand offers the slimmest laptop at .11 inches of thickness at 2.38 pounds. The second laptop, it can be converted to a tablet, it can be detach from the keyboard that serves also as a hard drive at 500 Gigabit of capacity.

4. Android Flat Screen Television

Offered by a popular brand that most of our grandparents prefer. It offers android capability, you can download games and apps through the Google play direct and access through your flat screen, aside from full HD (High-Definition), HDMI ((High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and smart TV capability.

Technology is made to be useful for work and entertainment purposes. It also connects us to the person that is far from us, but it must be not the reason that will separate from each other because we are too attached to technology and gadgets.


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