THE Kean Gabriel Hotline for child abuse has already rescued and intervened 80 children from November 2016 to January 2017.

Based from the document obtained by SunStar Davao, the City Social Services and Development Office Quick Response Team of Children’s Concerns (QRTCC) has recorded 42 cases from November to December.

For December to January 2017, they have recorded 38 cases, and majority of these, 42 percent fall under physical abuse. The other 29 percent of these cases consist of cybercrime, bullying, neglect, violence against women and children, child trafficking, child labor, sexual abuse, drug related, and harassment. The rest are listed as "others."

“The hotline is really effective for us, as it was identified as exclusively reserved for the rescue of children who are abused,” Juenalyn Pablo, QRTCC Head, said.

Pablo said the Kean Gabriel hotline has three social workers and three police officers assigned on shifts for 24 hours.

Pablo added that since the establishment of the hotline last October 28, they have received many reports that they have acted on through rescue or verification of child abuse case.

Based on the December to January data, 52 percent of those reported are male, while 48 percent are female.

Highly reported cases for male fall under physical abuse with 9 cases, followed by female with 7 cases. Children ages six years to twelve years old has recorded the highest number of physical abuse cases, followed by ages zero to five years old, and 13 to 18 years old.

Sixty-six percent of the referring parties of all the cases are concerned citizens, 18 percent from Central 911, 10 percent from government employees, 3 percent from television stations, and 3 percent from radio stations.

The hotline is one of the efforts of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to stop child abuse. It can be contacted through 226-444 and 09088184444.

The hotline was named after Kean Gabriel Agustin, a three-year-old child who died from being beaten up and placed in a sack of his allegedly abusive stepfather as his mother watched and did nothing.