AS CONSUMERS have become more selective with the products they use, a number of businesses have also been conscious of offering what they truly prefer. One of them is Green Options.

For 28-year-old Jacqueline Faith Tan Yamuta, providing only the best and natural options for skincare has always been an integral component of an enterprise which was started by her mom and her sisters, Jenny and Joanna, in 2007.

“The vision then was to promote organic products that we use everyday like hand sanitizer, soaps and the like. Wellness is essential and it has to be a habit. Until we expanded and evolved to providing organic and natural skincare to our partners, which are our clients or customers,” she said.

Yamuta added the main objective of the business is to promote organic whitening products and other skincare items. However, their line of products has expanded over the years. In fact, it is currently positioning itself as a one-stop shop for all skincare needs.

“Green Options is carrying two major product brands namely White Petals and Eco-beauty, soon to be added with Green Options Signatures. These product brands are proudly manufactured in the Philippines and produced by Green Options Philippines,” the gorgeous mother of two adorable children shared.

Yamuta revealed that through the years, the market for beauty and wellness products embraced Green Options Products with an overwhelming response, which led them to accommodate local franchisees and dealers as business partners.

While some may think that what Green Options is offering is just for women, the entrepreneur pointed out that their beauty products and services are also for men.

“Of course, we offer [products] for men and women. We offer not only beauty products but services such as eyebrow microblading, nails and spa, waxing, threading, eyelash extensions and gluta inject or drip,” she said.

Seeing how busy she is, juggling time for business and family, the indefatigable Yamuta made an admission.

“Motherhood is my first great career love. Nothing ever was or ever will be more important to me. So, finding balance between being a mother and running a business has been, without a doubt, the single greatest challenge I have ever faced. I’ve learned along the way (that) you don't get a do-over as a parent, but a business meeting can always be rescheduled,” she said.

“Don't miss the school plays. It is important to show up at their events. Work hard and passionately when you're at the office, but then leave it behind and be present when you return home. Be the homework helper. Family first, the beauty comes next,” she emphasized.

Yamuta, who defines beauty as a mere combination of intelligence, grace, charisma, chivalry, politeness, congruence and elegance, also has an advice for other busy moms.

“Always make sure to never miss their big life events and when you make travel plans for work, always factor in your kids’ schedules. I’ve learned that the key to being a successful mother and business woman simultaneously is to accept that you have to make sacrifices and compromises. I understand and accept that I have to put my personal life on pause until my kids are older and on their own. Right now, I focus my time and energy on being a mom and a leader at work, and that is plenty,” she ended.


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