THE Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) liaison officer caught on video berating a traffic enforcer is facing more troubles, not to mention the bashing he is receiving online.

Radio dyLA, in a Facebook post, said the Land Transportation Office (LTO) 7 will summon Roger Cimafranca, ABC liaison officer and radio commentator, and let him explain why he is using a different license plate.

LTO 7 Arnel Tancinco said the license plate attached to Cimafranca's motorcycle is "non-existent."

The motorcycle Cimafranca used bore the plate number

7TC-M-1068; above the number is the word "MEDIA." Above the license plate, what appears to be a sticker of the LTO could be found.


Earlier today, the ABC board suspended Cimafranca indefinitely without pay pending the result of its investigation on the May 20 incident at the South Road Properties (SRP) in Cebu City.

An ad hoc committee headed by Tinago Barangay Captain Joel Garganera will handle the investigation.

ABC president Philip Zafra said the decision to suspend Cimafranca was reached during a meeting that the board had to call today in light of the incident.

The ABC is also trying to determine the identities of Cimafranca's passengers, who are also ABC employees.

His role

Zafra said Cimafranca has been with the ABC for over a year now. Zafra, however, stressed that Cimafranca is in no way connected with the Cebu City Government.

As liaison officer, Cimafranca goes to the barangays and relays whatever concerns they have to ABC officials for action.

Zafra admitted they were caught unaware of the incident.

The video

In a video posted on Facebook yesterday, Cimafranca was seen berating and harassing traffic enforcer Lyndon Ocampo, who flagged him down at the SRP last May 20.

Ocampo was heard explaining to Cimafranca that he was stopped because of overloading (he had two other passengers with him on the motorcycle) and that they weren't wearing helmets.

Cimafranca repeatedly asked for Ocampo's consideration and the started dropping names and threatening to have Ocampo fired when the latter refused to give in to the commentator's request.