VALENTINE'S Day is just a week away. What is love without that perfect song to accompany the ups and downs of an imperfectly perfect union?

Yes, songs about love make up the most popular tracks throughout pop music history. But are all good songs, love songs? Several musicians share their thoughts on the subject of “what makes a good song.”

“I guess a good song is when the music and lyrics connect with the general audience… and this is not to be construed generally as a commercial or mainstream songs.”

Ian Zafra

Sheila and the Insects guitarist

“If the song can stir a person’s emotion, then for me, that’s a good song. It should make you dance, sing, or feel sad or happy.”

Micmic Pacalioga

Loop guitarist

“The songs that I love are songs that I can connect with. Like those moments when you hear a song and it takes you on a ride filled with emotions and memories, and it makes you sigh at the end? That’s what makes a good song. An experience that’s shared by the artist that you can easily be a part of through your own experience.”

Kurt Ebarita


“Good songs need polishing and consistent practice is mandatory. Once you think your craft is ripe, delivery and emotion each plays a key role in recording and playing a song live. That’s where you create your own persona that radiates to the listeners.”

Carlo Mesina

Dymphna vocalist

“When you feel like sh*t when you listen to a heartbreak song, but you haven’t really experienced a heartbreak yet. That, I consider a good song. People with crazy imaginations tend to produce these kinds of material. So what makes a good song for me, is a very crazy imagination.”

Kyle Wong

Wonggoys, guitarist

“I guess, it is when I feel the sincerity and honesty of the words written, matched with a subtle melody inflicting sadness and joy at the same time.”

Debb Acebu

Honeydrop, vocalist