WHEN you’re alone, have you seen how bright the moon is when it’s full? Or have you noticed how beautiful the darkness of the new moon is with the stars shining brightly in the sky?

All of these seem magical and mysterious. All of these were made of love. And love really is magical.

February is the season where love is evident. When you go to hotels, malls, stores, restaurants, and flower shops, you can feel that love is everywhere. From decorations to promos and freebies – those are some of the things that make someone feel loved.

Love does not need an explanation, because it’s already there when we were born in this world. But it has long been misunderstood by some of us. One might say that he will love the person if he’ll get the same. But no, that isn’t love, that’s being selfish – because everyone deserves to be loved. It doesn’t matter where one comes from; you have to love the person because it’s for a fact that we are all made of. Do you think love is complicated? Yes, it is.

But someone would also say that he was hurt and it’s hard for him to love again. The truth is, we are all ought to be hurt. If it is not painful, then it is not love. We have to bear in mind that loving doesn’t need a requirement. You are hurt because you’re human.

But how about falling in love with yourself first? If you have reasons to fall in love with someone then, pretty sure you also have reasons to fall in love with yourself. Honestly, this should be the first thing that you should do before loving someone opposite.

In this season of love, you’re longing to have someone to share it with, but you don’t have one, why not date yourself then? There is nothing wrong with it. It does not make one selfish to spend time with himself, to appreciate himself the same way with his loved ones, and learn to embrace his flaws and quirks because that is what makes him a person that he is.

So, if you are one of those people looking for someone to date this Valentine’s Day, don’t rush. It isn’t love that you want; it’s your pride that you want to boast. What’s wrong with having no date? If you have your parents, family, and relatives, you can have a date with them.

Valentine’s Day is not only for lovers. Above all, fall in love with yourself. This is the time we must see ourselves the way others see when they look at us. We must not get so wrapped up in loving others that forget to love ourselves first. Enable the button on loving yourself now – whether it’s your good or bad side. After all, none of it is bad.

The only way you can love others is by loving yourself first. It is not selfishness. It is, if it’s overly-driven, to the point that you are hurting others just so you can fill your path in.

What do you think is wrong, loving yourself, or, not loving at all? We all know, it’s the second one. So why not try the tips below? It is about how to fall in love with yourself.

Compliment Yourself

Always give yourself a compliment in all things that you do. This does not only give you the positive vibes but it will also bring out the best in you.

Watch movies – alone

Treat yourself to a movie. After all, there is no much talking needed, right? All of us deserve a break sometimes. And there is no greater company than us.

Go on exercising

Are you physically fit? Do you need to lose weight? Exercising is one way of showing and proving that you love yourself.

Take yourself to dinner

Who says you can’t eat in a restaurant alone? Bring with you your favorite books and eat as much as you can.

Splurge a little

What dress have you been dreaming of? This time, treat yourself. Remind yourself that you can give gifts to you.


Visit a place you have never visited before. Forget about work in a while and enjoy yourself while traveling alone. Appreciate the beauty of the place.

Whatever you choose to do this season of love, as long as you have yourself as company, then it’s the sweetest romantic relationship - with yourself!