NEITHER House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez nor PNP chief “Bato” de la Rosa could out-Duterte the president in color and harshness of language.

Both the legislator and the police chief lashed out at bishops and priests for the weekend statement released through the bishops association CBCP, which was read as homily in churches condemning the extrajudicial killings.

Why couldn’t they outdo the boss? They couldn’t swear and cuss as efficiently as he could.

But all the three critics had one thing in common: their swipes didn’t hit the core of the issue, which is whether the killings would remove the drug menace. Alvarez called the clergy a bunch of hypocrites. Bato said he’d go directly to God and skip the priests and the PNP, just like the church, is not perfect.

Both may be right. But they don’t stab at the issue.


Motive in kidnapping

So why was Julian Iñaki Larrazabal Garcia kidnapped and beaten up?

Police are poking at various motives of the kidnappers: jealousy over a woman, rivalry in business (his parents’ or grandparents’), “personal grudge” (enmity between interns).

What they seem to rule out is profit motive, as the victims was released with no ransom demanded or paid.

What continued to stand out was the daring and efficiency in breaking the law, the brashness and confidence in their ability to get away with a heinous crime. Kidnapping with serious injuries carries the penalty of reclusion perpetua. But abduction it was not. No lewd design.


Trump's hair flayed

U.S. President Trump’s hair was not spared in one of the Super Bowl ads ($5 million for 30 seconds). “It’s a 10” line of men’s products showed a number of men hairstyles, in black and white, as a voice-over announcer intoned:

“America, we’re in for four years of awful hair, so it’s up to you to do your part by making up for it with good hair... For the next four years, It’s a 10.”