WHAT we want is justice, and death penalty is not the answer.

Under a justice system that is flawed if not downright rotten, a police force that is bungling and deeply involved in criminal activities, death penalty will not give justice nor is deterrent to crimes.

Moreso, only those who are rich and have resources can hire topnotch lawyers, who can access and avail of legal remedies. The already marginalized citizens shall be the only ones meted capital punishment, while the big crooks and criminals go scot-free. Besides, public lawyers are scarce.

We do not believe that the death penalty will resolve the many cases of the killings of activists and ordinary civilians.

How many perpetrators and masterminds of human rights violations have been put to jail? If the state cannot prosecute those who wronged the people because they are in position or in power, who then will suffer and be sentenced with death penalty? Only the poor will become victims again.

We also express concerns that the death penalty will further legitimize the killing of innocent civilians, and can be used to repress people’s rights.

We call on the people to oppose the revival of the death penalty. Let us fight for real justice for the people.--Hustisya, a national organization of families of extrajudicial killings, and relatives of political prisoners

Selling SRP lots

It’s now the turn of Mayor Tomas Osmeña to plead with the city council that he be allowed to sell South road Properties (SRP) lots. But will he get the endorsement when the city council is controlled by Team Rama councilors?

I think the first thing Osmeña should do is to resolve first his issue with SM, Ayala and Filinvest. Kinsa may mopalit anang yuta diha nga piiton man sa mayor ang kompaniya?

What will happen if Osmeña loses in 2019 unya bag-o na sad ang mayor?--Bergan Lumangtas