ONE evening in January 2016, police officer Adonis Dumpit was on his way home in T. Villa St. when he found the road blocked by tables and chairs occupied by Korean customers.

When the store owner, who placed the wayward furniture in the middle of the road to accommodate his excess customers, refused to remove them, Dumpit rammed one of the plastic tables with the multicab that he was driving. A few Koreans, who were in Cebu to study English, moved towards Dumpit, prompting the controversial police officer to pull out his gun and fire two warning shots.

It was just one of the many incidents involving Koreans here. Another celebrated case involved a shopkeeper at the Mactan International Airtport who refused to entertain Filipino customers until now Councilor Margot Osmena paid the store a visit and gave the owner a piece of her mind.

It is highly possible that because of their sheer number, there are Koreans who are engaged in some illegal, even criminal, activities here. A Korean “mafia” in our midst is also a possibility although this is the first time I’ve ever heard of that creature.

But, please, do not make us believe that the Korean mob is behind the kidnap and murder of businessman Jee Ick Joo. The attempt is insulting to our intelligence.

The evidence is clear as unhampered daylight: policemen abducted Jee and brought him to Camp Crame. They were the last ones who were with him before he was killed. There is also a video footage of a policeman and his cohort withdrawing money from the victim’s ATM account.

Let’s therefore stop this foolishness about the Korean Mafia masterminding Jee’s killing immediately unless we’re looking for a smokescreen so Jee’s killers can go scot free.


Here’s more on the alarming rise of HIV cases in Cebu that we wrote about last Sunday from our source, a doctor who shall remain anonymous until I get permission to use his name:

Two of the new patients they had last year were 16 years old at the time they were examined and diagnosed. At age 12, they already had multiple sexual encounters with other males.

During the counseling that they usually do with new HIV cases, the doctors meet patients who admit to having 20, 50 or even 100 different sexual partners, again all men.

There are many gay sites that can be easily accessed online. A doctor tried one of the sites and to his horror, “was able to hook a date in less than five minutes!”

I am not trying to pass any judgment on the sexual predilections of people. I leave it to the individual to decide his preference for a sexual partner. I will not say that men who engage in sex with other men are bad; only that they are extremely reckless. The numbers don’t lie: an overwhelming majority of HIV cases involves homosexuals.

We have deaths from AIDS over the last few years. Not too many know about them because the families of the victims hide the cause of death because of shame. I wonder if it is not time now to publicize these individual tragedies if only to remind everyone of the extreme risks involved in surrendering utmost freedom to a rampaging libido.