SOME Cebu City officials who are members of Team Rama said that reports about some of their members joining Bando Osmeña Pundok Kauswagan (BOPK), their rival group, are not true.

In an interview yesterday, Councilor Jerry Guardo said he is not severing his ties with Team Rama despite indirect invitations from the other party to join them.

“I am still with my party Team Rama,” he told reporters. Guardo said there are invitations from other parties but he refused to discuss it. Guardo was reportedly among those who will jump to BOPK since his brother, Jonathan “Atan” Guardo, is supporting Mayor Tomas Osmeña. But the councilor clarified that the latter did not influence him in his political choice.

“Regardless of political affiliation, it will not affect my service to the people. My brother is in the other party but we respect each other’s decision,” he said.

Councilor Joel Garganera said some BOPK allies are relentless in persuading other members of Team Rama to join them but those who were left are already “solid members.”

Garganera said that Osmeña wants a majority in the Council to realize his plans to sell lots at the South Road Properties.

Vice Mayor Edgardo Labella said he hasn’t heard of anyone from their group who will transfer, although he said he will respect whatever their decision is.

Labella said he respected the decisions of Councilors Dave Tumulak and Nendell Hanz Abella who used to be Team Rama members but opted to go independent.

“I think the real purpose of the constituency of the city to vote a vice mayor from the other party is to underscore and uphold the principle of check and balance,” he said.