GOV. Hilario Davide III yesterday said that while there are Koreans in Cebu who have committed crimes, he doesn’t believe a Korean mafia exists here.

In a press conference, Davide said that he read in the papers that Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 7 Director Felimon Yogi Ruiz confirmed a mafia has existed in Cebu since 2009.

“I have no knowledge about it. Maybe individual Koreans have violated our laws on prostitution and illegal drugs, but on a mafia, that I don’t know,” Davide said.

“The likelihood that there are groups of Korean nationals who have ties with syndicates in Korea is possible,” Davide said.

The governor said he will ask the Cebu Provincial Police Office (CPPO) and the National Bureau of investigation (NBI) to check the information made public by President Rodrigo Duterte over the weekend.

Davide said this may be a cause for concern among Koreans because public perception can affect them even if their businesses are legal and they are doing well in Cebu.

Koreans must report to the NBI and the police if they know of fellow Koreans who are engaged in illegal activities, Davide said.