THE United Negros Drivers and Operators Center (Undoc) is planning to hold a transport strike to air various concerns affecting the transport sector.

Undoc secretary-general Diego Malacad said they were not able to join the nationally-coordinated transport strike Monday because their officials were in Cebu over the weekend for a meeting with their mother group Piston.

“We will coordinate with schools and other stakeholders to inform and consult them,” he said.

Aside from protesting the series of fuel price increases, they are also opposing the planned emergency powers to be given to President Rodrigo Duterte.

He cited House Bill No. 4334 which will provide the phase out of old model vehicles which is being opposed by transport industry stakeholders.

All the franchises will be revoked and that franchise of operators who could acquire brand new units will be reactivated, according to the bill.

Only electronic tricycles, and jeepneys and buses with Euro 4 machines will be allowed for public transport, Malacad said.

“This would affect not only the drivers and operators but also the spare part dealers and suppliers and the commuters as well,” he added. “We do not agree with almost 90 percent of the content of the bill.”