PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte summoned Tuesday to Malacanang over 200 members of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) for dressing down over their alleged involvement in various offenses.

Some 236 policemen received a mouthful of tongue-lashing from Duterte who was obviously mad at the alleged "rouge" policemen tagged in various crimes such as robbery and extortion.

The Commander-in-Chief gave the cops the option to either resign from their post or move to strife-torn areas in the southern Philippines like Basilan, the bailiwick of the notorious Abu Sayyaf Group.

"Prepare to move out. I’ll give you two weeks from now, 15 days. If you don't want to go there, go to your superior and tell them that you are going to resign," Duterte said.

He said those who will be sent to Basilan will stay there for two years.

"All of you, you are part of the task force [in the] south. I will send you off in Basilan. Live there for two years. If you are able to live, go back here. If you die, I will tell the police not to spend and just bury you there. Do your futile acts there," Duterte said.

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa said around 236 policemen presented to the President are facing criminal and administrative complaints, while some have been tested positive to illegal drugs.

More than 300 policemen were initially scheduled to meet Duterte but some were inactive, while others were attending to their cases.

Dela Rosa said the rogue policemen who were summoned to the Office of the President have ranks of Police Officer 1 and Chief Inspector.

Duterte said he would have wanted to throw the erring policemen out of the Pasig River but would just instead instruct them to clean the filthy river.

"You are engaged in illegal acts to get money. I want to throw you out of the Pasig [River] but I couldn't because these human rights see the life of a person in the government who wants to discipline you," Duterte said.

"I want you to clean [the Pasig River]. Go back here, wear swimming trunks and clean the Pasig River. Drink [the water] because it's filthy," he added.

Before exiting the Malacañang grounds, Duterte instructed the cops to stand still and wait for him until his Cabinet meeting has ended.

Dela Rosa said the shame campaign would continue if that is the only way to get rid of the scalawags in the PNP.

"As I have said, I would do everything to cleanse the PNP. I don't care if they would get embarrassed. If they are put to shame, the more I am put to shame because I am the [police] chief. Meaning, if my constituents are bad eggs, I am also bad eggs," he said.

The government recently halted its deadly war on drugs as some policemen are using the campaign as cover for their illegal activities. (SunStar Philippines)