SONGBIRD Regine Velasquez revealed that she has a good relationship with her stepdaughter, Leila Alcasid.

Contrary to horror stories people would usually hear about girls and their stepmothers, the singer said they actually get along really well and she enjoys Alcasid's company.

Velasquez said that when the 19-year-old decided to move to the Philippines after living most her life in Australia, she's the most excited.

She said people tried to warn her off of the possible adjustments she had to go through now that her husband singer/songwriter Ogie Alcasid's daughter is staying with them, but she said everything went really well.

They even spend most of their time together as Ogie is busy with work.

"Yung mga travels namin together or us going to Australia, it's a short time for them but sa akin hindi yun short time to create a relationship. I have that special relationship with her," she said.

Velasquez also appreciates that Leila is very fond of her and Ogie's four-year-old son Nate.

She said there's genuine love between siblings.

"Natutuwa ako na pag umuuwi ako, nakikita ko silang dalawa sa bed namin, magkasiksikan sila doon. Ibig sabihin the whole time na andoon si Leila eh nakatulog na sila doon. She plays with him. Minsan si Nate pupunta lang siya sa room ng ate niya and kukulitin niya. She doesn't seem to mind and she thinks he's the most adorable, beautiful kid ever."

Asked what Leila's plan now that she's staying for a year in Manila, Velasquez said her stepdaughter is keen to try her hands in show business.

"She really wants to go to school and naka focus siya doon. Then suddenly when she decided to come here for a year, we didn't expect for her to decide like that.

She said it may come as a surprise to them that she's interested in the entertainment industry, but she already anticipated that there will come a time when Leila would want to spend more time with her father.

Velasquez is glad that aside from spending time with them, Leila loves her stay so far.

She is currently attending workshops and trying to improve her Filipino.

Leila is Ogie's eldest daughter with former beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren. He also has another daughter named Sarah. (SunStar Philippines)