CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) newly minted District Engineer William Bustos disclosed on Monday that engineering projects are all set for 2017 as the department had set construction programs for the district.

Bustos said that the sections of Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA) are set for reconstruction as well as areas along the Manila National Road (MNR). The MNR repairs include a network re-blocking along the approaches of the bridges from the town of Santo Tomas to the town of Macabebe.

Bustos said that the approaches along these bridges have been significantly lowered and are now in need of improvement.

“We are also starting on JASA repairs particularly on the strengthening of bridges along JASA,” Bustos said, adding that the sheer weight and volume of vehicular traffic along JASA necessitate the need for stronger bridges in the area.

The DPWH has also put into the pipeline projects for flood mitigation along the Betis River as well as areas in Mexico town leading all the way into the province’s Third River.

There are also important anti-flooding works for Del Carmen Creek and San Antonio, Mexico as well as the much needed improvement along the Ninoy Aquino Byway that will free the nearby campus of Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University from flooding. The said project also includes a drainage system.

Bustos said that currently, highest funding for projects that has been released for the district is at P50 million but Region III will soon be able to work on projects worth P100-million as the delegated authority of the region has been increased by the DPWH.

Bustos said that this is due to the performance of the region as well as its adherence to quality control.