LEA Salonga said she is "incredibly happy" for Rachelle Ann Go after the latter was chosen to play Fantine in the 30th anniversary staging of "Les Miserables" in London.

"I was screaming!" said "The Voice Kids" host Wednesday afternoon.

According to Salonga, who also played Fantine in the 25th anniversary of the musical (2010) and another character, Eponine, in the 1995 cast of "Les Miserables, she already knew that Go was chosen since first week of March.

"A few days after 'The Voice,' after Jason Dy won I was on the plane, I headed to New York. The day after I arrived, that's when I found out, that she was cast and I got on the phone with her and I was screaming for about 10 minutes because I'm extremely happy for her," Salonga said.

"The first thing she said was 'hello' and I was 'wow,' she probably had to put her phone (away from her ear) for at least five minutes. She was also screaming on the phone, like 'Oh my God!' It was that. We were screaming for awhile."

The singer said Go was extremely happy to be part of “Les Miserables."

"She's doing what she loves to do and I'm hoping for the best for her, that on her opening night she's just glorious, she always is anyway. She'll be fine and I'm incredibly happy for her," Salonga said.

Asked for any advice, Salonga said she gave Go a few but she knows the singer will do well in the stage musical.

"I offered her a couple of pieces of advice, which is basically, just read the book and that's it. Just read the book and the rest of it will come," she said.

The 30th anniversary staging of "Les Miserables" will kick off on June 15 at the Queen's Theatre in London. (Sunnex)