VALENTINE’S Day is just around the corner and whether you’re going out on a romantic date with your significant other or just hang out with friends on February 14, here are some beauty tips for you.

Paper weekend ritual

Exfoliate: Remove dead skin cells all over your body with your favorite facial and body scrub. If you do not have any of those in hand, just add some brown sugar or coffee grounds to your regular facial cleanser and body wash and scrub away.

Strip off the b-heads and w-heads: After scrubbing all the dead skin cells, it’s now time to remove additional gunk from your face. Use your favorite pore strip to remove icky blackheads and whiteheads.

Revive and nourish: Inject nutrients to your face for that all natural glow by using clay mask to remove excess sebum, smoothen skin and shrink your pores or serum sheet masks for a quick face vitamin fix.

Beauty touch-up kit

If you’re coming from work or school that day, here’s some quick fix items you want to bring with you:

Facial mist: Just spritz this all over your face to rehydrate and freshen up your makeup.

Micellar Water facial wipes: If you’ve been travelling all day and want to re-do your makeup on a whim, micellar water facial wipes will surely be your best friend. No need to wash your face again.

Lip and cheek tint: Bring this for a quick and easy natural flush and pinkish lip look.

Tinted brow gel: A quick way to achieve that “brows on fleek” look right just before you head out to party.

Single, married, in-a-relationship, or friend-zoned (lol), I hope all of you would have a memorable V-Day this year.


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