THERE are just some treats that aside from being Instagram-worthy, can completely win one over after just one spoonful. One of them is Milkcow’s soft-serve ice cream. Not one’s run-of-the-mill fast food or convenience store dessert, Milkcow is a premium organic dairy dessert cafe that hails from Korea.

The pure milky goodness that has taken Korea by storm is now filling cups here and satisfying every Cebuano with a sweet tooth. Milkcow uses organic milk and 100 percent natural honey, and its menu was crafted by professional patissiers. The items one can find in the Cebu store are the same ones found in all other Milkcow stores around the world.

Kara Copingco’s decision to franchise started when she and her friends stumbled upon Milkcow in South Korea during one of their vacations.

“It was a taste that I just couldn’t forget and so we went there several times, and I thought I should bring it here,” she said. And because Milkcow has become such a huge hit, it has also found a home in multiple countries including the U.S., UAE, Japan, Australia and Brunei. In the Philippines, it first opened in Manila.

The bestselling variants are the Macao Dream topped with a Bailey’s macaron and almond crumble, the Mango Tree which has mango slices, mango syrup and cotton candy on top, and the Milky Cube which comes with a big chunk of organic honeycomb. There are almost 20 variants to choose from but there’s also the Milky Way or plain soft-serve ice cream if one wants that unrivaled, signature subtle sweetness. When it melts, it’s like sipping on a glass of cold milk, only creamier.

If one should crave a caffeine fix, Milkcow’s coffee beverages are worth a try. Hot or iced, these drinks make use of organic milk, too. There are soups and sandwiches on the menu as well for a more filling meal.

One shouldn’t miss Milkcow’s grand opening on Friday, Feb. 10 as the first 100 customers from 7 p.m. onward will get a free cup of the Milky Way. Milkcow is open daily from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.